The Quadrant SOLUTION: Metal Detectable Plastics

The foremost goal in the food production and packaging industry is to deliver high quality, healthy and SAFE products. This highly regulated market requires meeting international standards and it can quickly become a major threat to the business, if these standards are not met. Product recalls can and have resulted in worst case scenarios for producers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) just announced that West Liberty Foods is recalling approximately 34,075 pounds of grilled chicken breast products that may be contaminated with pieces of plastic. This devastating news, just on the heels of the metal contamination found in Kraft Macaroni & Cheese that created a huge media storm, drop in stock price, and loss of customer confidence. It is imperative that producers prevent contamination of food caused by e.g. breakage and wear of equipment parts. The use of metal detectors can significantly reduce the risk of such contamination issues. These issues have created a growing demand for polymer materials as a replacement of metal parts and present a strong demand for new and improved, metal detectable plastics.

The Quadrant Solution
Quadrant has developed a wide range of traceable polymer materials, which offer superior properties compared to metal and existing plastics. Offering Manufacturer’s a broad selection of products based on the application and the most critical material quality. Quadrant materials offer improved impact resistance resulting in less breakage of highly stressed plastic parts in production and process equipment along with material additives that allow detection of very small (27mm3and bigger) particles via metal detectors addressing the remaining risk of occurring breakage or wear.

Services & Materials
Quadrant supplies stock shape materials as well as finished parts solutions for global clients in the food processing & packaging market, along with food compliance certificates for the chosen products.Our local technical service team is ready to help you providing details on materials, such as chemical resistance data, and identifying the right material for your application. Let us help you find your Solution TODAY.


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