IC chips (present in virtually every electronic device in the world) have become smaller, cheaper, and more powerful over time. Quadrant EPP’s innovative materials are ideal for wet and dry semiconductor processing applications, and when compared to ceramic and quartz based materials, deliver increased performance at lower costs. Quadrant EPP’s materials make advancements in further IC chip miniaturization possible—using less material to do more means mobile phones, PCs, satellites, vehicles, and other devices can trend smaller and present competitive cost advantages. Click here to visit the main Quadrant EPP website for more information.


Semiconductor Applications

CMP Ring Applications

Quadrant’s CMP Optimized Materials are the industry’s most successful in increasing the number of devices produced per wafer, while decreasing the cost of consumables per device through increased service life of the retaining ring.

BITS: Test Sockets & Wafer Mobility

Quadrant’s BITS Optimized Materials deliver smaller IC devices and thinner cross sections that also require stiffness. Ideal for standard and Esd Burn-In, Test Sockets & Electronic Fixturing.

Vacuum Chamber Process Tools

Quadrant’s Vacuum Chamber Optimized Materials are Stable, Strong and Pure with Low residual Stress. Ideal for Etch, CVD, PVD, Ion Implant process tools and aggressive plasmas.

Wet Process Tools

Quadrant’s Wet Process Tool Optimized Materials are ultra-pure and dimensionally stable, with superior corrosion and chemical resistance. Ideal for FEOL Clean, BEOL Clean, PVD, Sputtering, Plating Tools & Wet Bench.

Market Outlook

Worldwide Semiconductor Billings US($)

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Materials designed to deliver cost and performance for Dry Process Tools such as Etch, CVD and Ion...
The global leader in manufacturing the materials used for CMP ring applications including Techtron® PPS...
The most extensive portfolio of materials specifically designed for use in Wet Process Tools
Machining capability to support quick turn NPI application development
Extensive material selection, engineering support and testing capabilities
Copy exact materials available anywhere on the globe

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