Quadrant EPP works closely with medical device manufacturers to ensure technical and regulatory compliance for medical applications, including materials for implants. Our material grades are developed and tested for biocompatibility, complying with FDA, ISO, 10993, and USP guidelines. Our thermoplastic materials are ideal for surgical instruments and handles, endoscopy components, trays for instruments, orthopedic reconstruction implants, diagnostic equipment, dental instruments, imaging equipment, and a variety of other biotechnologies. Click here to visit the main Quadrant EPP website for more information.


Medical/Surgical Applications

  • Surgical instruments and handles
  • Endoscopy components
  • Trauma: Trays for implants and instruments,
    Target Devices
  • Orthopedic / Joint Reconstruction: Implants and Trial implants, instrument components
Life Sciences Applications

  • Analytical and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Dental Instruments
  • Imaging Equipment
  • Anaesthetic and Therapy Equipment
  • Biotechnology


Quadrant excels in the development of Engineering Plastics being converted to stock shapes and processed...
All products are supplied with certification confirming USP Class VI and ISO 10993...
Quadrant has a long-term history of and experience in supplying Engineering Plastics Solutions for Life...
Quadrant medical grades have been developed and tested for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993 and USP...
Quadrant’s “Life Science Grades” are approved for body and tissue contact up to 24...

Market Outlook

North America medical polymers market, by product, 2012 – 2020 (USD Million)

  • Medical Fibers & Resin
  • Medical Elastomers
  • Biodegradable Plastics

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