Quadrant EPP has years of experience and expertise with mobile and harbor cranes, lifting gear, excavators, and agricultural equipment—massive machines that operate under harsh wear and extreme conditions. By replacing bronze, cast iron, and welded steel with thermoplastic materials, companies can extend time in use, reduce weight, and provide end-users with a performance-enhanced product. Due to eliminated or substantially reduced external greasing needs, self-lubricating thermoplastic applications can help companies become even more environmentally friendly. Click here to visit the main Quadrant EPP website for more information.


Heavy/Industrial Equipment Applications

  • Cable sheaves in various cast nylon formulations for lifting equipment
    (if required, specific certification by respective authorities can be supplied)
  • Wear pads and guiders in various materials and shapes to guide telescopic movements
  • Rings and bushes for rotating movements
  • Nylatrack Trackplates for tracked vehicles used on soft soils
  • Nylatron MC 904P Pile Driver Caps to improve piling efficiency in all kinds of equipment (hydraulic, diesel, mechanical)


Safety in use by getting the optimum cost-performance solution from a wide range of products
Environmentally friendly applications as a result of eliminated or substantially reduced external greasing...
Noise reduction offered through friction optimized products with non- stick-slip behavior
Cost savings provided by wear enhanced products
Longer life in use enabled by improved chemical resistance of components
Extended Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR), therefore reduced downtime, by using longer lasting...
Productivity increase

Market Outlook

Wire Rope Design Factor

  • Relative Rope Service Life

Drum/Sheave Diameter Ratio (D/d)

  • Rope Fatigue Life

Quadrant Innovation

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