Engineering plastic materials have been used for self lubricated plain bearings and wear surfaces for over 30 years. These materials are durable, take high loads, withstand harsh environments, do not corrode, and need no lubrication. The benefit to the end user is increased life in service while lowering maintenance costs. Click here to visit the main Quadrant EPP website for more information.



Defense Applications

  • Turbine Bushings & Brackets
  • Back Up Rings
  • Rollers for Interior Systems
  • Wear Surfaces for Engines & Nacelles
  • Pivot Bushings on Link Lock for a Nose Landing Gear
  • Seal Rings for Landing Gear
  • Seals and Gaskets for Aircraft
  • Wear Strips, Bushings
  • Energized Seals in Hydraulic Actuators
  • Sliding Wear Pads on Control Surfaces & Thrust Reversers
  • Pain Bearings on Access Doors
  • Rollers on Catapults
  • Electronic & Communication Containers
  • Structural Wheels Liners
  • Instrument Panel Structure
  • Electronic Shielding
  • Vane Bushing
  • Heat Isolation Plates for Composite Structures
  • Hose & Wire Routing Brackets
  • Airboat Bottoms
  • Dock Fender Facings
  • Wear Strips
  • Boat Rubrails
  • Rollers & Wheels without Bearings
  • Rudder Shaft Bushings
  • Scraper Blades
  • Sonar Domes
  • Clamps for Circuit Boards to Video Display Units
  • Electrical/Electronic Insulators



Quadrant high performance plastics are excellent thermal insulators & have a low coefficient of...
Inherent low flammability
Reduced friction with little or no lubrication on wear surfaces
Cost efficient solutions when replacing Aluminum, Titanium, and other metals
Increase The Service Life & Reduce Maintenance Costs on Unmanned Vehicles

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