Quadrant EPP is deeply committed to building application success in emerging alternative energy fields such as wind and solar. Our extensively tested materials are able to operate under harsh chemical and extreme thermal conditions. Because of their high specific strength, our thermoplastics can be substituted for steel, aluminum, or ceramic—reducing the weight of that wind turbine towering overhead. Noise reduction? We can help with that, too. Click here to visit the main Quadrant EPP website for more information.


Wind Applications

  • Sliding ring segments in yaw bearing
  • Wear pucks and friction pads for brakes in wind turbines
  • Power transmission sealing rings
  • Bearing cages for giant ball bearings
  • Bearing elements and spacers
Solar Applications

solarOur materials have been tested and certified for applications in vacuum chambers offering very low out gassing. We also offer materials for wet process environments presenting low out leach values.

  • Wafer holders and combs for photovoltaic solar cells handling
  • Gripper, tips and suction elements for thin film solar panel handling, also in hot environments
  • Liners, spray unit elements, sprockets and guides for Wet benches
  • Bushes, rolls and clamping elements for trackers in solar thermal installations, including CSP


Safety in use by achieving the optimum cost-performance solution from a wide range of products
Noise reduction offered by friction optimized products with non-stick-slip behavior
Material cost savings enabled thru Quadrant’s low wear engineering plastics
Longer product life based on improved chemical resistance of components
Automation possibilities offered thru highly dimensionally stable products
Reduced mean time between repair (MTBR) by using maintenance-free, self-lubricating materials
Productivity increase

Market Outlook

U.S. Renewable Energy Supply Forecast

  • Solar
  • Liquid Biofuels
  • Wind

(quadrillion Btu)
Source: Short-Term Energy Outlook, July 2016

Quadrant Innovation

Market Segment Manager

RickMEET : Rick Hilblom

Rick works directly with key engineers within the Aerospace and Defense Markets assisting in the specification of advanced plastic and polymer materials. He spends much of his time in the Wind and Photovoltaic Energy Markets as well.

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