Whether fixed wing/rotor craft, commercial/military, corporate/private, or manned/unmanned, each major flight system can benefit from the enhanced properties of Quadrant EPP’s state-of-the-art thermoplastic materials. When dealing with high heat; lots of vibration, wear, static; and stringent flammability, smoke, and toxicity requirements, Quadrant EPP applications will help engineers build crafts that fly safely and effectively. Our materials are cryogenically compatible with low out-gassing characteristics—making those rockets, satellites, and manned/unmanned space exploration vehicles simply out of this world. Click here to visit the main Quadrant EPP website for more information.


Aircraft Applications


interiorFuel Pumps, Valves, Hydraulic Actuators, Flaps, Elevators, Ailerons


engineNacelles, Engines, Thrust Reversers, Seals, Gaskets


wingsLanding Gear, Wear Surfaces, Strips, Flaps, Pads, Elevators

System Technologies

system_technologyFuel Pumps, Valves, Hydraulic Actuators, Flaps, Elevators, Ailerons

Space Vehicle Applications

Cryogenic compatibility & low out-gassing characteristics

roverStructural Parts, Brackets, Wear Parts, Bushings, Wear Surfaces, Fuel Pipe, Seals, Gaskets, Struts, Grommets, Pins, Wear Plates, Support Structures, Insulators, Thermal Isolators

Market Outlook

World fleet will double by 2033


20,910 Airplanes


42,180 Airplanes


CERTIFICATIONS: AS 9100 C Accredited, ISO 9001 Certified, ISO 14001 Certified, OEM Approved, JAR/FAR...
Cost efficient solutions when replacing Aluminum, Titanium, and other...
Chemical resistance to all common aircraft fluids
Thermo-isolation of critical electronic components and other structures
High wear resistance with respect to other polymers
Reduced friction with little or no lubrication on wear surfaces
No galvanic corrosion when in contact with carbon fiber composites
Lower weight components that allow greater payload while improving fuel efficiency

Quadrant Innovation

Market Segment Manager

MEET : Mr. Frank Johänning

Frank is the Global Market Manager of Transportation and Aerospace at Quadrant. Frank leads the development of new products and technologies in close cooperation with key customer and leading market players and coordinates the segment specific activities worldwide.

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