NEW Design & Fabrication Reference Guide

Over the years we’ve heard many times from design engineers and
cutting edge fabricators how much they’ve relied on Our
Design & Fabrication Reference Guide as a valued resource.
Yet – as you well know – the world of design and fabrication changes
constantly, so much so that we decided it was time to update
our guide for 2017. Download the all-new guide here.

Yes, we’re biased, but we believe machinable plastics are superior to metals in design and fabrication because they reduce weight, eliminate corrosion, reduce noise, improve wear performance, and for increasing a part’s life.

As in its previous version, this updated resource provides you with specific information regarding plastic and polymer innovators; plastics/polymer properties; information for selecting the right material for your products; chemical data; regulatory information and product compliance; fabrication guidelines, post machine annealing, and more.

In addition, the NEW 2016 edition profiles the meaning of physical property testing, as well as gear, bearings, sheave and roller/wheel design. You’ll also find charts that summarize tool geometries. Speeds also are provided for all of Quadrant’s materials.



Engineers and manufacturers can choose from more than 50 grades of machinable plastic, in shapes ranging from tubular bar, rod, sheet and tube. These plastic grades span the price and performance ranges from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals to specialty plastics.

Excessive heat isn’t problem: plastics today can handle long-term exposure of up to 800 degrees F (425 degrees C) and 1,000 degrees F (540 degrees C) in the short term.

Yet as the options increase, so does the complexity and difficulty when choosing the correct material for any individual or specific application/use.

Our Design & Fabrication Reference Guide will help you understand machinable plastics’ basic categories – and help you feel more comfortable using them.

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