Closer Components, Faster Machining, Better Material Savings


Near Net Shape (NNS) production techniques provide a part/blank very close to the final form/size, near shape or “near net” geometry of a finished component. NNS’s reduce or even eliminating the need for surface finishing like machining or grinding and deliver bottom line benefits that can save more than two-thirds of the production costs.

Near Net Shapes Deliver:
  • Material savings and virtually no wasted scrap
  • Easier finishing of parts that are smaller, larger/massive, and complex shaped
  • Option of custom colors, additives, materials blends, and/or other enhancements that may not be readily available in solid stock shape form
  • Reduced fabrication & labor (machining time)
  • Overall increased production efficiency
  • Reduced Part Weight
NNS Processing Capabilities:
  • Injection Molding
  • Custom Casting
  • Direct Formed
  • 3D Printing Technologies

Near Net Shapes (15)_webNear Net Shapes (10)_web

Guidelines To Identify Near Net Shape Opportunities:
  • Yield: Does the part you are machining have poor yielding?
  • Geometry: Does the part have irregular geometry, such as surface contours that will require excessive machining time?
  • Finished Part Weight to Starting Stock Weight Ratio: Does the process of machining remove greater than 30% of the material?
  • Materials: Recommended materials include PA / PEEK / PPS
  • Cost: Will machining time and excess material waste be reduced?
  • Environment: Less material at the beginning = less waste with the finished part
  • Ideal Components: Large components with symmetry (sheaves, pads, pulleys)
  • Recommended Part Thickness: 3/8″ and greater
  • Recommended Size: From 3″ cube to 7′ diameter
  • Tolerances: On average 1/32″

Still need stock shapes, but want custom sizes? Need “Thinner” Sheet or “Smaller/Larger OD Rod/Tube? Ask about our custom stock shape program and start saving on material yield!

Contact: Have a part that might be a good candidate for a near net shape? Simply email or call us for more assistance. Our technical sales representatives will take a look and help with your options.

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