Coal Bunker Liner Intact and Running Smoothly for 20+ Years (Thanks to TIVAR® 88-2)

Picture this: A Midwestern coal power generating station in Wisconsin is commissioned and built in the mid-1960s. The station features six coal-fired units, burning sub-bituminous coal, with a total generating capacity of 387 megawatts.

With the passage of amendments to the Clean Air Act,, the plant made the switch from bituminous coal to low-sulfur sub-bituminous coal. This transition led to the plant facing new challenges in handling and storing fuel. Sub-bituminous coal has a higher concentration of fines and increased moisture content, making it more cohesive. Instead of flowing through the funneled fuel storage bunkers, coal built up, adhering to the gunite surface of the bunkers. As anyone who works in the coal industry knows, stagnant coal creates the perfect storm for spontaneous combustion and bunker fires.

In 1992, an accident took place at Midwestern station when coal dust was being back-filled into the bunker while a hot pocket of coal was present. The conveyor floor and roof were damaged in the accident, and employees also suffered injuries.

Enter Quadrant EPP, with a plan to alleviate coal flow problems and avoid future accidents. Quadrant experts recommended a conversion from the existing funnel flow to mass flow, which required the addition of valley angle clean-out plates and resurfacing of sloping walls with TIVAR® 88-2 liners. In 1995, two of the 750-ton coal bunkers were retrofitted with steel clean-out plates and half-inch thick TIVAR® 88-2 Liners —achieving mass flow.

Quadrant EPP’s TIVAR® 88 was specifically designed for applications in the bulk material handling field, featuring a very low coefficient of friction and excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance (which helps materials flow smoothly and freely). This eliminates arching, rat-holing, or the need for other flow promotion devices. TIVAR® 88-2 is a weldable formulation of TIVAR ® 88, featuring the same high quality characteristics.

Fast-forward 21 years, to 2016. The Midwestern coal power generating station, with its TIVAR® 88-2 bunker liners, is still performing smoothly. Coal stagnation and the risk of bunker fires have been eliminated, allowing the station to produce energy safely and efficiently, while complying with all regulations. Now that’s what we call success.

Quadrant’s System TIVAR® Engineering is able to provide lining solutions specific to each individual case(project) including on-site analysis, liner design, pre-fabrication of kits, optional supervision or turnkey installation, anywhere around the globe, from small to large scale. Please consult our case history handbook for additional examples of successfully implemented projects. Contact our local Engineering Team TODAY!

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